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Latin name: Lilium polyphyllum

Sanskrit/Indian name: Ksirakakoli

General information:

White Lily is grows in abundance in the Indian states of Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh. Blended with other herbs, White Lily has a number of therapeutic benefits. It is a tonic for general health, and, at the same time, is used for the treatment of respiratory disorders.

Therapeutic constituents:

The principal constituents of White Lily are sugars, which gives the plant its pharmacological properties.

Key therapeutic benefits:

  • The plant is useful in treating respiratory disorders like bronchial asthma and cough.
  • It is also a rejuvenative and an immunity booster.
  • White Lily’s soothing and astringent properties protect the skin. It is a popular ingredient in facial creams.

Used in Revitalizing Night Cream