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The root of this large climber is used as a substitute for the drug described under the name of 'Vriddhadaraka'. In Ayurveda, the root is regarded as alterative, tonic and useful in rheumatic affections and diseases of the nervous system.


Throughout India, up to an altitude of 300 meters high

Morphology Description (Habit)

It is a very large woody climber. The stem is stout, white and tomentose. The leaves are large, ovate-cordate, glabrous above, persistently white tomentose beneath, base cordate and petiole is long. The flowers are in sub-capitate cymes. The Calyx, white tomentose outside. The Corolla is long, tubular - infundibuliform, silky pubescent outside and glabrous inner. The fruits are globose and apiculate.

Principal Constituents

It contains many ergoline alkaloids.


'Speman', consisting of several ingredients of plant material including this species, is reported to exhibit anabolic-cum-androgen-like1.

Clinical studies

A preparation made from this plant along with several other ingredients is used for curing sexual disorders in males1.


A few of the ergoline alkaloids reported in this plant are hallucinogenic.


The root is bitter, aphrodisiac, diuretic and used in gonorrhoea, rheumatism and diseases of the nervous system. It is also used as a tonic.

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