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Latin name: Cyperus scariosus R. Br. (Cyperaceae)

Sanskrit/Indian name: Nagaramustaka, Bhadramusta, Naggarmutha

General information:

Umbrella’s Edge is found in the damp areas of Uttar Pradesh, as well as the Eastern and Southern parts of India. Its roots are used to make perfume and in aromatherapy. The herb’s tubers are credited with astringent, diaphoretic, diuretic, desiccant, cordial and stomachic properties.

Therapeutic constituents:

The tuber of Umbrella’s Edge contains an essential oil, which gives the herb its aroma.

Key therapeutic benefits:

  • An herbal formulation made from the rhizome of Umbrella’s Edge is effective in treating diarrhea.
  • Umbrella’s Edge is an anti-inflammatory, central nervous system stimulant, antimicrobial and hypotensive.

Used in Cystone, Nefrotec DS, Himfertin, Liv.52 HB

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