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Latin name: Cissampelos pareira

Sanskrit/Indian name: Patha

General information:

Abuta is commonly referred to as the ‘midwife’s herb’ as it has been traditionally used in South America to combat women’s ailments including preventing miscarriage and treating uterine hemorrhages after childbirth. The herb is widely found in India, Sri Lanka and other countries in the Asian subcontinent.
The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India attributes the herb’s blood purifying properties to the root and indicates its use in lactal disorders.

Therapeutic constituents:

Hayatine (dl-beberine) is the principal alkaloid of the root. The derivates of the alkaloid, methiodide and methochloride, are potent neuromuscular blocking agents, and give the herb its antispasmodic property.

Key therapeutic benefits:

  • Traditionally, the herb was used as an antispasmodic, beneficial in relieving menstrual cramps.
  • Abuta is helpful in treating women’s ailments, such as preventing miscarriage and uterine hemorrhages. It is also a lacto-stimulator.
  • The herb is prescribed in cases of dysentery, piles and urogenital disorders.
Used in Galactin Vet