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Latin name: Asparagus adscendens Roxb. (Asparagaceae/Liliaceae)

Sanskrit/Indian name: Shreta musli, Sufed musli, Safed musli, Khairuva

General information:

The tuber root and rhizomes of Asparagus are beneficial in the treatment of infections. Recently, Asparagus has become revered as an aphrodisiac, which has increased its popularity and cultivation in a number of regions around the world. The plant has also been used in Ayurveda as an immunity booster and as a general health tonic.

Therapeutic constituents:

The roots contain asparagin. One of the sapogenins, isolated from the root, was identified as stigmasterol, which is known to reduce inflammation. The protein content is significantly high in the roots, which strengthens the body.

Key therapeutic benefits:

  • The rhizomes of the herb are powerful aphrodisiacs.
  • Asparagus is known to increase sperm count.
  • Traditionally, it has been used as a rejuvenation remedy.
  • The roots of the herb are used to treat diarrhea and dysentery.