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    Latin name: Acorus calamus (Linn. ) (Araceae)

    Sanskrit/Indian name: Vacha, Sadgrantha, Ugragandha, Vayambur, Bach

    General information:

    According to Dr. James Duke in the CRC Handbook of Medicinal Herbs, Sweet Flag has a long history of use, dating back at least 4,000 years as a product of commerce in Southeast Asia. Its oil, extracted from the rhizomes and roots, possesses antispasmodic and carminative properties. The oil is used to treat stomach ailments and mental debility. Joint pains and aches resulting from rheumatism and arthritis are also relieved by Calamus oil. The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India indicates the use of the dried rhizomes as a brain tonic to strengthen memory and to treat psychoneurosis and epilepsy.

    Therapeutic constituents:

    Calamus oil is extracted from the rhizomes and roots of the plant. The essential oil-free alcoholic extract of the herb possesses sedative and pain relieving properties.

    Key therapeutic benefits:

    • Calamus improves blood circulation and alleviates swelling. It also relieves pain and inflammation.
    • The herb is recommended as a brain tonic, which improves memory and is helpful in treating epilepsy.
    • It is also used to treat stomach ailments such as chronic diarrhea, dysentery and abdominal tumors.

Used in Abana, Mentat, Mentat syrup, Mentat DS, Muscle & Joint Rub, Anxocare, Erina-EP, Himpyrin, Himpyrin Vet, Scavon Vet

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